Financial EQ Program

The Issue Today:

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Financial stress is an increasing problem among employees. Employers have an important role to play by providing access to employee financial wellness programs.

The Solution:

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Financial EQ is integral in attaining financial well-being. According to research done by the Carnegie Institute Of Technology, 85% of financial success is due to EQ!

Furthermore, we help our clients to organize and optimize their finances and formulate effective savings and investment strategies.

This is the Financial IQ portion!

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Combining Financial EQ and IQ reduces financial stress, develops financial resilience, and increases the chances of long-term financial success.

Our program includes webinars and 1 - 1 comprehensive consultations.

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Connect With Us:

Our Financial EQ Wellness Program is designed to be fuss-free for your company to adopt and interested employees sign up voluntarily. We are currently offering our program to companies for free on a first come first serve basis as it's part of our 2021/ 2022 CSR.

Watch this 90-sec video to understand more about Financial EQ.

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