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Kong Lee Ang

Title: Consultant
Field of study: BSc (Biotech)
Qualifications : FIMM, PRS
Experience : 17th year
Field of experience: Personal Finance


My Story:

My journey into financial services started when I encountered the hard truth that I wasn't good at managing my finances. Due to my life's busyness from the hustle and bustle of the city and the lack of know-how, this has made a constant lingering thought in my mind in regard to whether I will have enough for retirement. Bombarded with questions and thoughts such as, 'If I don't have to worry about my finances, I could have …' or 'If I actually commit to an investing plan, I can retire comfortably before the retirement age'. This eventually made be to take a conscious decision to take actions over my finances.


As personal finance is a touchy subject, my desire to be a trustworthy companion on the journey brought me FinAIMS. Indeed, there are proven ways to manage our finances responsibly and as the saying goes, 'If we take care of our finances, we can take care of others and/or other things". So why not! Putting the money to work can help us to put aside our worries for finances. Procrastination is costly here! But I too believe it is better be late than never.



Lim Kay Chye: Clients
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