EP 8: Nomadland- How to avoid the financial pitfalls I learned from this movie.

We have Amelia Hong reviewing Nomadland from the Financial POV and she shares how she prepare her finances geared towards making sure her middle age years to be golden.

EP 7: 5 ways to save money during the pandemic.

In collaboration with Co-labs Coworking, we have Amelia Hong here to discuss on the 5 ways to save money during the pandemic.

EP 6: Marie Kondo-ing My Finances Part 2

We continued from where we left off from previous episode of "Marie Kondo-ing: My Finances Part 1"


EP 5: True Freedom

There are 4 things that we can do to acquire 'Freedom'. Let's dive in as Amelia Hong shares her view on how we can acquire "Freedom".


EP 4: Marie Kondo-ing My Finances Part 1

Listen to Amelia Hong as she explains her fascination on Marie Kondo's ideology and how she implements it in her life.


EP 3: Money - Friend or Foe
Part 2

In our 2nd part of Money : Friend or Foe, we continue to understand how Salmah learn about money and how it helped with her fear.


EP 2: Money - Friend or Foe

Listen to Salmah as she explains about fear and money.

EP 1: Financial Immunity

Listen to Amelia Hong explain how to build financial immunity as one of your financial aims.