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Salmah Harharah

Title: Financial EQ Specialist
Field of study: Bsc Psychology (Upper Iowa University)

Experience: 6th year (Singapore)
Qualification: AFP, FIMM, PRS
Field of experience: Personal Finance, Retirement Specialist

My Story:

I wouldn't be in this industry if I wasn't passionate about financial empowerment. As I journey on my own path of financial empowerment, I aspire to share with others the importance of building a meaningful relationship with money. I don't see money as just dollars and cents. I have learnt that it is a powerful energetic tool that can shape our lives and those around us, for better or worse. When we yield this tool mindfully and with inner confidence, we allow our money to give us a sense of safety, stability and freedom.

To me, this is what financial empowerment feels like and why financial planning from this conscious perspective is important because it allows our money to positively impact our lives. As a Financial EQ Specialist, I help my clients increase financial literacy, reduce money stress and be more financially resilient.

Salmah Harharah: Client

Consultation Review

KC Goh, 57

"Salmah was very knowledgeable about the area of personal finance and investment planning for retirement.  She understood my concerns and circumstances and worked with me to address them, providing very useful insights along the way.   I very much appreciate the time she has taken to help me.  It was a real pleasure speaking to her."

Sharinia, 24

"I really enjoyed the process of going through the Financial EQ prompt cards. They're a great way to make you think about topics that can provide huge insights into your thoughts around money. Going through the cash flow statement and net worth statements were also incredibly useful. I loved hearing your thought process and experience. The whole process of the prompt cards, financial overview and recommendations have really helped me take stock of other parts of my life too."

Ben, 36

"In 2 sessions she helped me to take action to feel more in control of my finances. I also appreciate that she did not try to over sell products/services like most consultants- pure class."

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