Amelia Hong

Title : MD, Founder & Author 

Field of study : MBA (Nottingham University), B. Economics (UKM)

Qualifications : CFP, FIMM, PRS, CMSRL 

Experience : 12th year 

Field of experience : Personal Finance, Corporate PRS, Corporate Money Market, Estate Planning

Email: amelia@finaims.com

My story:

I resigned from my international banking job and came into the financial services industry in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 with an Economics degree (UKM) and MBA (University of Nottingham). It was a bold move as people were hanging on to their jobs for dear life. I could have stayed in the bank and be none the wiser but I wanted to forge a new path. It was a scary time because markets were extremely volatile. I saw my own investment portfolio plunged that year. However, I gained so much during that turbulent time to understand that there are some classic moves investors must make to be able to have a better financial outcome. These timeless strategies prove successful to my own portfolio and in managing my own emotions during the volatility.

FinAIMS was birthed to enable me to help clients and my team reach their financial aims. One key challenge for anything long term is to help clients see that what they do now will have repercussions into the future. Hence savings or investing now can mean a whole lot in the years to come. I believe in nudging people (not forcing) towards better choices which creates a better financial tomorrow. I am thrilled when I see people gaining ground on financial matters. I truly believe that that your life well lived deserves a future well planned.

Act Now Own Tomorrow!


" I am a Japanese expat in Malaysia and while in Malaysia, after meeting Amelia, I decided I wanted to save successfully while investing my money. I was looking for someone to help me manage my money so that when i leave Malaysia, I will have a chunk of money to purchase a house. Amelia came highly recommended by her client and yes when I did leave Malaysia, there was enough money for a down payment for a beautiful house in my home country."

Takamitsu Hanagahashi