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    Amelia Hong

Title : MD, Founder & Author 

Field of study : MBA (Nottingham University), B. Economics (UKM)

Qualifications : CFP, FIMM, PRS, CMSRL 

Experience : 13th year 

Field of experience : Personal Finance, Corporate PRS, Corporate Money Market, Estate Planning


My story:

I resigned from my international banking job and came into the financial services industry in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 with an Economics degree (UKM) and MBA (University of Nottingham). It was a bold move as people were hanging on to their jobs for dear life. I could have stayed in the bank and climbed up the corporate ladder but I wanted to forge a new path. It was a scary time because markets were extremely volatile. I saw my own investment portfolio plunged that year. However, I gained so much during that turbulent time to understand that there are some classic moves investors must make to be able to have a better financial outcome. These timeless strategies prove successful to my own portfolio and in managing my own emotions during the volatility.

FinAIMS was birthed to enable my team and I to help our clients to build their financial fortresses. One key challenge for anything long term is to help clients see that what they do now will have repercussions into the future. Hence savings or investing now can mean a whole lot in the years to come. I believe in nudging people (not forcing) towards better choices which creates a better financial tomorrow. I truly believe that that your life well lived deserves a future well planned.

Act Now Own Tomorrow!

Consultation Review

Takamitsu Hanagahashi

" I am a Japanese expat in Malaysia and while in Malaysia, after meeting Amelia, I decided I wanted to save successfully while investing my money. I was looking for someone to help me manage my money so that when i leave Malaysia, I will have a chunk of money to purchase a house. Amelia came highly recommended by her client and yes when I did leave Malaysia, there was enough money for a down payment for a beautiful house in my home country."

Yogini Kanagaratnam

​Amelia has educated me financially, very patiently, thru my difficult journey (heart surgery and other health incidents) and with her support, today I stand stronger both financially and as a person. Amelia is pertinently clear on money matters and addresses rationally any financial insecurities with such clear and easy trains of thought

Sarvesh Ratnasuriya Ramesh

"Aunty takes the time to educate me and explain things as though I am a real investor and so today, I am a real investor with her."


3 Reasons that made me trust Amelia and how became my investment planner:  1. She monitors my portfolio very well and does the necessary to make it work. 2. She has a good character and she is very honest. I’ve observed her for the past 5 years ensuring that my investor planner is accountable and trustworthy. 3. She has clarity in her explanation that makes me feel comfortable.

Colin Ross Mills

I have been investing for 4 years now with Amelia Hong as my financial consultant. During this time I've been so impressed with the level of service, professionalism and  the comprehendible information that she has provided me. Not to mention the flexible approach that she initiates during discussion, listening and adapting to my portfolio to suit the market conditions and my wishes also as an investor. I also started making other investments abroad and Amelia was more than happy to provide me with some helpful advice and tips to guide me with those overseas investments. No doubt she is reliable and very knowledgeable in this. She has published her own book called "In/outcome” which contains so much valuable insights and thoughts to help people “rethink” and “tune up” their financial plans and strategies for sustainable growth whilst being pragmatic and realistic in not enticing people to any “get rich schemes”. As for someone who has experience investing across a number of different countries with different types of financial institutions, I will not hesitate to recommend Amelia’s financial and investment planning service and products to anyone that is looking to invest or you need someone to manage your existing wealth. She has been a great help for me and as a result I have peace of mind knowing that my funds are being taken care of.

Loh VuanJi

Amelia helps me to understand more about my financial conditions and so that I can be well prepared for my future self. Besides, together with Amelia, I am getting to know more about investment and learning along the way through this program.

Eric Chew Yi Kai

Amelia has benefitted me by helping me have a deeper understanding into my financial health. The financial EQ program also enables me to take calculated risks in investing in the long term.

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