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About The Author

About the Author

Amelia Hong has been helping clients build their financial fortresses since 2008 subprime crisis making her a rare breed where most people would have run away from a financial meltdown.  

After completing her Economics degree at National University of Malaysia (UKM), she peered into computer screens for live commodities prices, developed consumer goods under Berjaya Group, restructured mortgages in Citibank then to Metrojaya and Diethelm Keller Siber Hegner. At the height of the economic boom, she pursued MBA at Nottingham University.

In the workforce again during 2008/the subprime crisis with a regional bank getting people to spend and get into debt, Amelia realised ironically that the dark side was not for her. People should save and invest instead. 

She left the lucrative bank to start a small practice in financial services. Many thought she was crazy. Being a careful investor herself, she found the work fulfilling and is now a Licensed Financial Planner*. 

Amelia is also the author of the book In/Outcome: Manage Your Income, Achieve Great Financial Outcome.  In/Outcome is perfect for those who are starting out in working life or the personal finance journey. Advanced practitioners can gain knowledge to boost the speed of this journey.

A regular contributor in the StarBiz Financial Snacks column, she has also been on air with BFM and Capital FM and done numerous seminars and webinars with The Star, Shell, Starbucks and others to bring financial literacy.

Her background gave her the platform to better financial emotional intelligence. Having a terminally ill mother meant that her father had to work 3 jobs. Seeing the struggle gave her resolve to learn how to utilise money wisely to make lemons into lemonade and to truly understand that money which makes money makes more money!

In her spare time, Amelia dotes on her feline companions, joins comedy shows and champions the usage of Bahasa Malaysia in her home.

*Capital Markets Services Representative’s License: CMSRL/B5145/2014


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Download Spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheets

This spreadsheet contains the following

  • Cashflow statement

  • Networth statement

  • Financial ratios

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Contact the Author

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