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John Shanker | QA & Support Engineer | TechStrait.Ltd

This book has definitely taught me a thing or two about personal financing. I am not knowledgeable about the financial related topic but this book broaden and widen my thought process and made me think about the importance of money.

Book Reviews

 Richard Angelus | Malaysia

I bought this book because I really need to manage my finance. John Newton echoes my response to this book: “I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.” Although I’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant recently (most popular books on financial literacy), I don’t feel ‘home’ because the context of these books are mostly for American readers and very general at that. Of course, it was very helpful and I’m glad that Robert of many people help me to understand about the important of financial education. But I also desire to read financial books that are written by Malaysians in Malaysian context for ordinary Malaysians like me. Yes, I found KC Lau’s Top Money Tips for Malaysians very interesting (half way reading it) but Amelia’s In/Outcome is much more comprehensive without being too simpleton or complicated, clear and concise, refreshing and practical. Just right for me.

Geoff Holmes |
Chief Executive Officer |

Amelia has an incredible knack for making the concepts of money and finances wassy to grasp. I believe everyone needs to learn the basics of how money works, and how it can work for them to make a great life - but, unfortunately, this is still the sorely missing from our school curriculum. Here again, Amelia has managed to financially educate us in a fun and entertaining way that's easy for anyone to understand.  If you want to increase your wealth, no matter your age, this book is a great start.

Linnet Lee | Chief Executive Officer | Financial Planning Association of Malaysia

Amelia writes with conviction and personal experience. Her book has managed to capture serious yet crucial lessons for the man-in-the street in an easy and light-hearted read. It also makes good references materials. Readers will be encouraged to strengthen their personal finances after reading this book.

Nurfarini Daing | Chief Executive Officer | MyHarapan -
Youth Trust Foundation

The book lays down, very simply, what your body, mind and spirit need to do to ensure an awesome and happy financial life. While the truth hurts, particularly as I am nearing what may look like 'retirement' and wished I have had the foresigth of better habit, there's hope in there's hope in this book for the young and old alike.

Hamdi Mokhtar | Director |
Hundred Doors Sdn Bhd

Amelia brings to the table a good resource for having a hale and hearty financial life. It is my belief that managing money is crucial in every stage of life. Thus, starting out at whatever age you are makes a lot of sense - in both common and financial sense, not to mention the few 'cents' that you will also be making too.

Terence Ledger | Chief Executive Officer | Sepura Malaysia

Amelia explains clearly and concisely why it is important to think about your financial health today, and not tomorrow. This book illustrates the benefits of building a financial plan as early as you can in your working life.

Roshan Kanesan | Head of Content and Strategic Partnerships | MYTHEO by GAX MD

In/Outcome by Amelia Hong is great for a tactical perspective on money from a Malaysian perspective.

Karyn Mak | Director, eServices | Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

I find this book very refreshing, especially the practical advice and tips.

Sharon Lau | Sales Operation Manager | Malaysia

In/Outcome is my first financial book. The ideas are easy to understand and valuable in my financial management. I strongly believe that if I want to pursue a better life, I have to manage my finances first.

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