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Title: Consultant
Field of study:  Chemical Engineering (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
Qualification: FIMM
Field of experience: Personal Finance, Corporate Money Market
Experience: 1st year

My Story:

I stumbled into financial planning while seeking to sort out the role of money in life. Turns out, money has a huge influence on my life’s outlook and frankly, is a significant factor in daily, monthly and lifelong decision making. To say our shadow is the most attached object to us, I say, monetary thoughts are not far behind.

Through serendipity, I found myself in the company of FinAIMS which boasts a team of experienced, knowledgeable and professional financial personnel. Together with FinAIMS, I am able to continuously learn and apply valuable financial practices that assures me of my financial management. As such, I believe in the work done and hope to enable you to achieve a personal relationship with money that benefits you.

Lucas: Clients
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