Gene Lim Shoun-Jo

Title : Consultant
Field of study : B. Business Administration

Experience : 5th year
Qualification: FIMM
Field of experience : Personal Finance
Email: gene@finaims.com

My Story: 

The greatest reward is when one can strive to financially independent in life from all negative growing factors such as credit mechanics and liabilities. I was always exposed to constant financial ripples when I was growing up as a kid in the big city of KL which taught me a great life lesson on what is within and out of my control influences.

A lot of people do not realize that they have the opportunity to remain financially independent by doing the simple things correctly, timely and be fitting the purpose at hand. FinAIMS showed me that there is no one textbook method to take control over one's financials but instead many open-ended approaches that suits a person's long-term plans which I wish that I could bring this knowledge to my clients to help them reach their financial aims.