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Georjinah A. Jayatilaka

Title : Consultant
Field of study : B. (Hons) Social Science (UKM)

Experience : 4th year

Qualification: FIMM

Field of experience : Personal Finance


My Story:


A lot of people have always taken the approach to live life each day like it was their last day. However, what happens when you take a step back and have a look at your personal finances? What happens most of the time is when reality hits hard and you will find that in most cases, people will go into a state of denial, feel dejected and carry on the snowball effects of liabilities and commitments without having a game plan for the future. I realized that people more often than not just need that level of awareness towards their finances and that slight boost on overcoming obstacles. This is where FinAIMS comes into the picture.

FinAIMS is one of those rare gems where the clients come first; and we understand that not every person has the same story of circumstances. That is why each client needs to have a personalized consultation and continuous engagement to ensure that certain milestones and objectives are met. As for me, investing has helped me come out of a financial rut, and I hope to help others to do the same and thereafter aim to build wealth. Every client should have a game plan; reaching that goal is what I aim to achieve with each one.

Georjinah A. Jayatilaka: Clients
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