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Hardesh Singh

Title: Head of Sustainability Investing
Field of study: PhD Student, Sustainable Development,
Master in Sustainable Development Management (Sunway University), B. Eng (MMU)
Experience: 4.5 years in Private / VC
Qualification: CFP, FIMM
Field of experience: Personal Finance, Corporate Cash Management

My Story:


I started my career in the creative industry, working across film and digital media at my own startup with a team of 20 people. It was an invaluable experience, managing people and a business, with the roller coaster ride that comes with it. I eventually exited the business and ventured into new territory in the world of economics and finance, and more specifically sustainable finance. 

With a Master in Sustainable Development Management at the Jeffrey Sachs Centre on Sustainable Development under my belt and a Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP), I was subsequently offered a scholarship to continue with my PhD. I am now armed with the right knowledge to help my investment clients with sustainability investing and portfolio management according to their risk appetite and interest. 

I enjoy making sense of the world of investments and wish to help individuals and corporations with their financial goals.

Hardesh: Clients
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