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Jasper Lee

Title: Consultant
Field of study: MBA (Manchester Business School), ACCA, Bachelor of
Arts in Accounting and Financial Management (University of Sheffield)

Qualification: ACCA
Field of experience: Personal Finance, Management Accounting

My Story:


I go to work every day and I realized that we have sufficient funds to survive if we keep working. There is a corporate ladder to climb and we need to pay bills to survive. There are a lot of people who are also working and earning for a living. However, I started to question, what happens if there was an event in our lives that prohibits us from working or we were made redundant, what will we do then?

As we get older, we also need to plan financially for our future. What happens when we are no longer able to work and unable to make money to survive. I thought to myself, that we should plan for our future so that we can support ourselves and our dependents. Financial planning motivated me to be part of this team in FinAIMS who care about financial planning for the future for our family and friends to be not only financially independent but also to have a financial fortress.

Jasper: Clients
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