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Title: Consultant
Field of study:  Taylor's for SAM and Bachelor's in Computer Science in Monash
Qualification: FIMM
Field of experience: Personal Finance
Experience: 1st year

My Story:


I started in a modest background of IT development agencies for 14 years. In 2017, I've started taking interest in finance and investment which I undertook investment courses and started investing in stocks until I've diversified my portfolio in 2020 as a good investor doesn't stick to one method of investment in order to mitigate risk, especially in this time of uncertainty due to ever increasing prices from the setback of the economy.

When Covid hit, I saw my investments plunged in which I knew that in order to ensure that I can have a comfortable retirement in my latter years, I've decided to undertake unit trusts to ensure that my portfolio continues growing. This has helped me to further understand the misconceptions about unit trusts and how important it is to ensure that diversified portfolios and the tools available will help me grow as an investor.

In 2023, I decided to resign from a comfortable corporate job to strengthen my own portfolio but to also help others grow theirs as I believe that a strong financial base is crucial for every investor. And now I'm here due to my belief in laying out strong strategies to increase the quality of not only my financial life but also the investors that I have the privilege of helping and growing theirs as well.

Lucas: Clients
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