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Ong Mun Keat

Title: Consultant
Field of study:  B.Commerce (Management & Marketing)
Qualification: FIMM, PRS, TBE, PCE, CEILI
Field of experience: Wealth Management, Estate Planning
Experience: 5th year

My Story:

My career has been enriching with exposure in multiple consumer industry (FMCG, Healthcare & IT Peripherals) experiences under my belt. I took a short break in my career and then decided to continue my corporate ladder goals where I left. Nevertheless, the timing was never ideal. Some of the MNCs are having re-structuring in view of the soft and volatile market during 2018 and my entry back into my industry was somehow interrupted.

I took a bold move into Banking instead. Something that no usual corporate talent will do moving into a totally different space and start all over. I began my journey into retail banking and proceed to specialize in wealth management to help the clients to build their financial fortresses. By accessing customer financial well-being and re-structure their investment potential through 1-1 alignment, I have not only forged a sustainable and loyal bank customer, but I gained new friendship as well from the customers under my portfolio.

Now, being part of FinAIMS team, I’m feeling more fulfilling than in the banking industry. Opportunities to expand my network from all walks of life regardless of their status are aplenty, instead of sticking to the bank’s assigned customers’ portfolio. I believe in the ‘Pay It Forward’ concept, applying in financial well-being by helping people to build and enrich their financial stance for the future. The concept that creates a vital and sustainable link of enriched recipients to share and help others. So, act immediately to achieve your financial goals for a better tomorrow!

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

~Muhammad Ali

Ong Mun Keat: Clients
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