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Rachel Liew

Title : Consultant
Field of study : BA (English Literature)

Experience : 6th year
Qualification: FIMM, PRS
Field of experience : Personal Finance 

My Story:


I came into the financial industry toward the end of 2017 with a Bachelor Degree of Art in English Literature. I had a competent corporate experience in the IT industry carrying multiple portfolios including business development, project management and digital marketing.

I have been a member of FIMM since 2017 (Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia), working under the guidance of Amelia Hong, Managing Director of FinAIMS. She focuses on helping her clients set financial goals, build portfolios, as well as advise clients on financial products and provide consultations based on individual financial goals. 

She is passionate about preaching the importance of better personal finance management to achieve financial freedom. She received a scholarship from FPAM (Financial Planning Association Malaysia) to pursue her professional qualification as a Certified Financial Planner by FPAM (Financial Planning Association Malaysia).

There’s no “One Plan That Fits All”!

Rachel Liew Wai Yee: Clients
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