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Yang Sing Boon

Title: Consultant
Field of study: B. Business-Marketing (Monash University)

Experience: 3rd year
Qualification: FIMM, PRS
Field of experience: Personal Finance

My Story:

My first taste of personal finance planning came about when Amelia approached me for PRS and subsequently UT (Unit Trust) when she first embarked on this industry. After spending years in a sales role within various industries, it dawned on to me regarding the importance of having a good grasp of personal finance planning to ensure that I can still maintain a comfortable lifestyle beyond my  employment life cycle. Hence, I took the decision to be part of this industry to further educate myself.

Also, to be able to lend a helping hand to people whom I know that may need some guidance in this area which is often overlooked. FinAIMS becomes a natural choice for me to embark on this as I have personally witnessed how Amelia has devoted her time in not only building this business but also have improved other people's financial nest along the way.

Yang Sing Boon: Clients
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