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EPF i-Invest Programme

Message to Investors

Invest Your EPF digitally with Principal Asset Management via FinAIMS / Amelia Hong at 0% sales charge


Invest for FREE (It used to be 3%, now is 0%). Use my consultant code 00024113, when you invest and you will get a report which guides you on investment performance and best fund to invest in.

  • Invest at any amount – Report at 6th month and then every year upon request (from date of 1st Investment)

  • Invest > RM100K – Report at 6th month and then every 6 months upon request (from date of 1st Investment)


Once you have invested, do notify us via email or WhatsApp 013-325 7653 by providing your details (Name as per IC, Contact Number, and Email Address) and the proof of investment.


Here is the sample report - it is more comprehensive compared to EPF i-Invest report via i-Akaun.

EPF i-Invest Sample Report in Website.PNG
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EPF i-Invest Guideline(First Time)


Step 1(a):

Log into KWSP website (

Step 1 (b):

Insert i-Akaun User ID & Password

If you do not have the User ID & password - Please visit to any EPF branches to register yourself as i-Akaun member and activate your ID & temporary password within 48 hours at EPF KIOSK

image (2).png
image (3).png

Step 2:

Click on Investment

Click on the investment button on the top menu.

Step 3:

Click on <Transaction> to see available transaction under EPF i-Invest

*Existing investor with EPF i-Invest will be able to see the overview of Unit Trust investment

image (4).png
image (5).png

Step 4:

Click on <Buy> to proceed with the investment

*3 key functions under <Transactions>: Buy, Redeem/Switch, Charges

Step 5:

Select “Principal Asset Management Berhad”

image (20).png

Step 6:

Select “Fund” available under Principal Asset Management

Click on the drop down button to select "Fund".

Step 7 & 8

- Key in the investment amount

- Adding more funds by clicking “Add More Funds” tab

*The Minimum investment amount per transaction per EPF account is RM1,000
*There is no maximum amount - subjected to your eligibility due to Account 1 balance.

image (22).png
image (23).png

Step 9:

To confirm subscription, click <Buy> under Principal Asset Management Bhd

Read the terms and condition of “Buy Transaction”, tick (√) the box and click <OK>.

image (9).png

Step 10:

image (10).png

Step 11:

Start to create an account with Principal by keying in member’s information

Fill in personal details.

Step 12:

Tick (√) the acknowledgement box and click <Accept Risk>

Click on the check box and click on "Accept Risk" Button.

image (11).png

Step 13:

Fill up the info required in the relevant columns and click <Confirm>

Step 14:

Create User ID, Secure Words and select Secure Image, then click <Next> to proceed

image (12).png
image (13).png

Step 15:

Create Password and fill up the necessary information, then click <Create Account>

Step 16:

Key in OTP and click <Submit>. An account is successfully created.

image (14).png
image (15).png

Step 17:

Once the account is successfully created system will route you to the log-in page

Step 18:

Key in the campaign code
(if any)* and "Servicing Agent Code" (000 24 113
to complete submission.

Tick (√) box then click <Submit>

image (24).png

*In order for you to be eligible for the Merdeka promotion, a minimum of RM25,000 must be invested in one transaction.
* There's no campaign at the moment.

Merdeka64 - Step 18.png

*Campaign period from 21 August to 20 September 2021. (T&C apply)

The fund that was selected from EPF website will appear here

image (17).png
image (18).png


Step 19:

To check if the consultant’s name (Amelia Hong) and code (000 24 113) are correct and click <Submit>

Step 20:

Key in the TAC verification number which sent by EPF and click <Proceed>

image (25).png
image (21).png

Step 21:

Summary of Transaction and click <Next> to confirm

Step 22:

Submission completed –

image (26).png

1. Send this page via email or
WhatsApp 013-325 7653.

2. Give us your details:
- Name as per IC
- Contact Number

- Email Address

Happy Investing and Let’s build your Financial Fortress together.
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