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4 Steps to Overcome Our Fear of Money – Step 1: Take responsibility. Take control. Take action.

Looking back to how I overcame my fear of money and re-built my relationship with money into a more positive and empowering one, there were 4 steps that I took to get me to where I am today.

1.        Take responsibility. Take control.

2.        Take action through learning about money.

3.        Establish meaningful long-term goals to stay motivated.

4.        Strategize and plan intelligently.

1. Take responsibility. Take control.

I knew I had a problem with holding on to money, so I take full responsibility for it. Taking responsibility is very important because it gave me the power to take control of my situation and to take action towards my desired outcome.

However, before I’m ready to take responsibility, I need to dig deeper to understand the reasons I unconsciously jeopardizing myself financially. Digging deeper is an important part of the empowering process because before I started to do so, I felt like groping around in the dark when it comes to handle my money. After a while, I got frustrated and gave up.

Digging deeper and trying to understand why I had a negative relationship with money was like trying to find the light switch first so I could see clearer. Once I found out the root reason of my fear of money, I felt much lighter and more confident because it means that I was able to come up with a meaningful and impactful action to address my financial woes head-on and from the inside out.

Stay tuned, for the upcoming FinAIMS podcast series, I share exactly what digging deeper looked like for me and how that helped me to overcome my fear of money.

Taking responsibility for my personal finances allowed me to take better care of myself as it propelled me to take active steps towards managing my money more consciously. Once I put myself in the driver’s seat, l had a clearer view of the road ahead and this helped me to make better decisions.

A road map would make my driving journey much smoother and less stressful, however, to overcome my fear of money I had to create my own map to reach my financial goals. To create a good map for myself, I had to educate myself about money and learn the options and tools that were available to me so that I could save and invest prudently. Stay tuned for the next article where I will be sharing how I took action by educating myself and how you can do the same for yourself!

At FinAims, we have professional financial advisors who are ready to help you manage and invest your money safely and smartly! Ready to have a chat with us? Click here to get in touch with us right away!

Act Today, Own Tomorrow!

Salmah Harharah


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