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Declaration of Income Distribution for Bond January 2021

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

📢📢 Dear all, we are pleased to announce that one of our bond will be declaring an income distribution of 3.56 sen per unit.

The fund NAV (price) would be adjusted downwards by the amount of distribution on ex-date + 1 day - Jan 20, 2021. Current price is at RM1.1937 as of 13 January 2021. The following is an EXAMPLE of how this dividend works.

If you have RM100,000 as fund total value, price is 1.1937, your units are estimated at 83773.14 units. Your dividend amount is estimated RM2982. This is almost 3% returns. So much better than Fixed Deposit! (However, investor decision to invest should be based on the fund’s objectives and its inherent risk. The fund distribution should not be a major determinant in one’s decision to invest).

Moving forward, I have heard that this bond fund aims to smoothen out dividends to quarterly to meet the needs for those who need income for their expenses. Please take note that dividend pay-out will lower your portfolio value accordingly however dividend pay-out is normally a way to realise your profits already made in the year. This bond fund already did 5.33% in 12 months. Paying out 2.98% means that there is a 2.35% capital gains in the last 11 months as well. 2.98% dividend + 2.35% capital gains = 5.33%

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