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Coming Dividend for Principal Asia Pacific Dynamin Income Fund(APDI)

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

📢📢 Dear All, we are pleased to inform you that *Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Income Fund (APDI) will be declaring an income distribution/dividend equivalent of:

The fund NAV (Net Asset Value) would be adjusted by the amount of distribution on ex-date + 1 day which is Jan 27. Current Price is at RM0.2549 as of 4th Jan. Post dividend date, the price should fall by USD 0.05 cent (at current exchange rate, its RM 0.20 sen). If the price is RM0.2549, the ex-dividend price will be RM0.2529).

If you have RM100,000 in your fund total value: and price is at 0.2549, your units should be estimated at 392,310.71 units. Your dividend amount will be RM784 and the next day, the price will fall to RM0.2529. Your decision to invest into the fund should be based on the fund’s objective and it’s inherent risk. The fund distribution should not be a major determinant in one’s decision to invest.

The fund aims to give between 0.5%-1% per quarter. As an example, if dividends are given every quarter, a client might get *RM784 X 4 = RM3138. This is more than 3% per annum and not only that.. APDI has been growing more than 8% per annum on a long-term basis. Certainly, much better than fixed deposits.

Trust to have kept you informed.

Disclaimer: This update is provided to you for your information only and should not be construed as an offer or a solicitation of an offer to purchase, subscribe or sell securities. Investment involves risks. You should refer to the relevant prospectus and product highlight sheet which are available upon request. Past performance is not reflective of its future performance.

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