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Diverse Beginnings, Diverse Money Mindsets: How Our Upbringing Shapes Our Relationship with Money

Updated: Jan 2

We are all born into this world in different contexts.

One might be born to a place with plenty of food, shelter and love and naturally feels that the world is a safe place. And that they have affinity with its people and might be more positive.

On the other hand, one might be born to a place of lack of food, poor shelter and not much love but to have to fend for themselves. And of course, the world is a harsh and unsafe place. Relationship with people are harder to form as they mistrust easily and their world view more negative.

Over coffee, a friend and I were sharing how the two different types of people might view money and how that affects their ability to keep money or make money. For example, someone who has the second childhood might have a huge need to save more than those in the first category because they simply do not have a safety net of money (no parents to help them out) and perhaps might gravitate to jobs that pays on output rather than time so they might earn less than those who prefer to earn on output. What can they do?

When we encounter people in our lives, our friends or more importantly potential future partners, these conversations around money are needful for a more harmonious and thriving relationship. And listen with a view to really understand and not judge because we all walk a different path.

At FinAIMS, other than growing our clients’ monies via investment, we also talk to our clients about their money world view for a better relationship with money and a greater financial outcome.

PM me for a complimentary 30 mins session where you can discuss money matters freely. No judgement, just a safe space.

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