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From Home Chef to Financial Entrepreneur: A Journey of Impact and Empowerment

Life before I became a Personal Finance entrepreneur. Did you see the grilled zucchini, lovely roast chicken, salad, and possibly a spiralli aglio olio for dinner? These kinds of food were commonly featured on my table and eaten by family and friends but today, my time is taken up by clients' portfolio reviews, discussing with the team about the market, organising events, chatting with clients, reading, and writing. Do I miss the food? Yes, I do. But why do I not quit my business to do more of the cooking? Well, because the work that I do impacts people. I can see that my clients' lives are changing. They not just save, they actually INVEST and they invest WISELY and this is the secret to their ability to retire so much better than if they do not. And really for most busy people, thinking of retirement and planning for that is way too daunting. Much better to get a professional to work for you and with you!

Last evening, I was speaking to another professional in the medical field and she was so excited about working with her patients because literally, her patients' pain melts away when she puts her skill to work. She is a newlywed and is thinking that she must delay kids because of work demands. So, what is the solution?

Actually, dun kill me for saying this but perhaps a woman needs a WIFE!

There was an article written by a woman that the year she 'got a wife', her career soared. Because she was freed from thinking about what to cook, does the household have enough clothes out of the laundry, why is the teacher calling me about which kid, are the children having enough exercise, how can I support my spouse better, is my brother's mental state ok, is my mother falling in the sidewalk without her crutches, does my father need me to drive him to the clinic, oh crap, the toilet is flooding again... That 'wife' took care of everything! and also got paid!

To all of you women who are juggling your many roles, I know you are tired. I know you are AMAZING. We do not give you enough credit for the significant dough you bring in nor enough slack to allow you to take some time away and recharge without judgement nor gossip.

It's the month of International Woman's Day. I salute you, my fellow comrades. If you want to work on securing your retirement, feel free to PM or Call us for a safe and judgment-free space to discuss your money matters. If you're interested in exploring further, FinAIMS would be delighted to explain our fund selection choices to help you make an informed decision. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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