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From Rags to Rock: Dwayne Johnson's Inspiring Journey to Success

I watched Black Adam recently and was thinking that this Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is everywhere. Ever since he said the two-word line “Haku Machente” as the Scorpion King in the Mummy Returns, I have started noticing a proliferation of his movies – think “Jumanji, Jungle Cruise, Red Notice, Fast and Furious, Baywatch, Moana & others. Never mind that he wasn’t such a good actor (I know some people will be so upset to read this).

I was more interested in his beginnings. Apparently, in his early years, his father tried to be a wrestler which unfortunately didn’t bring much money and at 14 years old, Dwayne saw his mother’s car being repossessed and a week later, they got evicted from their home. This gave him a great resolve to make sure that he will do anything and everything to not ever get evicted again.

Dwayne Johnson's Father

He trained to be a footballer but at 19 years old, his back injury put an end to his dreams. His girlfriend dumped him too. He had only $7 in his pocket and knew two things: he was broke as hell and one day he wouldn’t be again.

therock, DwayneJohnson,football

He started wrestling and the rest is history. I am always amazed at people who have so much grit and motivation. While your money can be put to work to grow over the future – which by the way is crucial for a long life, one must never estimate that you are the source of where that money will come from. So get out there, and really concentrate on your career, job, work, and business so that you ensure you have enough money to allow that money to be invested and to grow over a length of time.

Past & Present comparision of The Rock's Life

Rock on!

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