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Help! I Can’t Seem to Save Any Money or More Money.

Help! I Can’t Seem to Save Any Money or More Money.

By Amelia Hong (Founder)

While there may be psychological reasons why you can’t seem to be saving money (see the article before this titled Fear and Money), there are some practical steps that you can take in order to be more successful in your quest to save the money. Which, by the way, you will not regret doing because sometimes it doesn’t just rain, it pours (financial disasters) and having that raincoat (ie money you saved) is a lifesaver.

I find using certain keywords help in making useful info stick to my mind. So, let’s look at how we can save more money via the 3Ps.

Built your 3Ps: PROTECT, PAY, PARK

P1: Protect you from yourself (sometimes we sabotage our own good intentions, or we are our own biggest hurdle)

– To ensure that your savings really become savings, put that money in an account that you do not withdraw from. (Example: Fixed deposit account or an investment account)

– By funneling your savings into a different account will help you save fruitfully.

P2: Pay yourself first (because sometimes we take care of others before ourselves and that isn’t prudent in the long run)

– Paying yourself first is one of the oldest rules of personal finance.

– Your future life is will need money, you will need the money in the blink of an eye. Setting aside money before you spend it is how people manage to save successfully.

P3: Park it automatically (we know if we have to do more work, the higher the chances of it failing)

– Do you look at your EPF amount and wonder “Wow.. the figure is so big already”? Well, that success is because it was done automatically. You didn’t lift a finger to transfer the monies.

– Automate your savings by creating an early standing instruction after the salary payment date.

This way you need not have to do the extra work of transferring money every month. You know you are busy, these “remeh-temeh’ things can be automated to help you create robust savings.


3Ps are part of the personal financial system that helps you to beef up your emergency fund, retirement funds, etc, and keeps your money “saved”. If you master one thing, let it be this.


We can help you execute the above. Talk to us at for a complimentary consultation. Or book for a chat with our consultant at 013-325 7653.

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