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Importance of Personal Finance & Mental Health

I took Toffee, my street rat cat to a new vet who is skilled in acupuncture with 15 years of experience. Why? Toffee exhibited extreme timidness- she hardly lets me pat her or go near her and is constantly bullied n attacked by the other panther who always finds ways to sneak in to take a swipe & smack her. 😅

Post acupuncture at her heart n kidney meridians, I’m thrilled to say that Toffee is quite changed. She is calmer and looks perkier and lets me walk up and touch her. Amazing kan?

There are 2 important things here:

*Personal Finance*- owning a pet is an expensive affair. Like you, your pet needs healthy food so that it will not fall sick easily, like you, it needs recreation, like you, it needs medical attention. It takes about RM50 to RM500 per month for your cat and start-up expenses are from RM500. Dogs can be much more. Pet ownership is a very big responsibility and is not to be taken lightly. Please adopt, not shop if you can.

*Mental Health*- There is no human or animal who cannot be “rescued” from their situation. Sometimes you need someone who will champion or love you so much to walk that journey with you. I have done all I could for Nimbus, my late cat. Now it's your turn my Toffee! May you become more confident as we work on your anxiety. I hope one day, you will be a lap cat😂?

Feel free to PM or Call us for a safe and judgment-free space to discuss your money matters. If you're interested in exploring further, FinAIMS would be delighted to explain our fund selection choices to help you make an informed decision. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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