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Recent Unit Split (Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Income and Dynamic Growth Fund)

For those who have purchase Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic income which has done so well over the years, it is important for you to know that we had a recent split of the units (22nd Dec 2020) . For every 4 units held, 3 units were given, so your units will have increased by 75% and your price will fall 43%. Do not be alarmed with the price fall. Nothing has happened fundamentally to the fund. The Net Asset Value of the fund remains the same. As an investor, your investment remains intact.

The reason for the split exercise is because it will make the price lower so that investors who prefer a lower price will be happier with this. However as seasoned investors, you know that this doesn’t affect anything except psychologically as we all prefer a lower price.

On a positive note, unit splits are normally done with funds that have been doing well. The same happened for Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Growth with a split of 3 units for every 5 units held. (a 60% increase in units and a fall of 37.5%).

Trust to have kept you informed.

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