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RM100,000.. Why is this number important?

RM100,000.. Why is this number important? By Amelia Hong

There has been news floating around about getting to your first RM100,000. I remembered this was a figure I aspired to. It was some psychological barrier that once I achieved made more stuff possible in the light of things.

I had never been particularly fashionable or yearned to go on many holidays (I did go on a grand tour of Europe) as I was just quite anxious to keep more money as my safety net especially when I once worked in a global bank where I took people’s homes away when they couldn’t pay up. The savings in the bank account took a very long time – 10 years to be precise. I am sure you are pooh poohing me now on the length of time I took to get there. Yes, I would have been better of investing the dribs and drabs and would have reached the RM100,000 in 3 years less. Or I could have saved 30% less each month to get to the same RM100,000. Silly me! But I didn’t know it then, did I?

What did I do with the RM100,000? You remembered what I mentioned about safety net? Well, I wanted to build an even bigger one? One that will catch me in my feeble years as a 80 year old. I finally realised that there is a light at the end of the tunnel via investing. Yes, yes it took me 10 year to find out. I hope you realise way earlier because the faster you get there, the easier the journey thereafter is. How?

RM100,000 invested over the lifetime of my working years (assuming all the money in my working years will be consumed for various expenditure), the money will be invested for 35 years in a 9% growth fund. That will give me a cool RM1.5 Million to catch me if I fall during my golden years. I sure hope my ‘refirement’ years will be fun! I hope yours will be too as you learn this lesson way ahead of me.

Come talk to us @ FinAIMS to get the ‘refirement’ ball rolling. We sure love to find out what you think. Talk to us at

Act Today, Own Tomorrow!

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