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More reasons to why are remain not wealthy.

  1. Unable to save for a rainy day How many of us have 3-6 months of emergency money (for the employed) and 12 months (for the self employed)? Emergency money is money that can be used almost immediately and only used for survival purposes. If this is your first year of working, I can understand if this is something you have not achieved. But if you have been working for 5 years and this is not yet achieved would mean that you have no discipline in savings. And the inability to save would also mean that you do not have the right “skills” to be wealthy.

  2. Waiting for their prince charming or princess charming I have had friends who jokingly say that they are waiting for their prince charming to come and sweep them off their feet and bestow upon them great wealth which they can spend. Er… these days, the princes need money management lessons themselves and they are looking for princesses who will help them bring home the bacon.

  3. Complaining is easier than committing Alas, complaining is so much more fun than working out a plan to get wealthy and sticking with it. Its human nature to want to complain. While I understand the need to unload, I think that you will be better off, after downloading your sad situation to a hapless friend, to think about how you can get out of that situation. Rope in a financial mentor to brainstorm together.

  4. We let our past determine our future Have you ever had a car accident or know anyone who crashed the car and died? Did that stop you from continuing to drive? Of course not, because the need to get to your destination is much stronger than your fear. So, you got involved in one bad investment, why are you letting that one incident prevent you from investing again. After all you still need to get to your destination (being wealthy).

Start again by discussing the above 4 issues with your financial mentor. Then begin again your journey towards wealth. Act Today, Own Tomorrow! Author can be contacted at

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