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Riding the Dragon: Seizing Opportunities in China's Resurgence

Because we are celebrating the reopening of China. Are we invested in the rise of China? It's going to be a China-focus week for my team at FinAIMS. We are letting our clients and fans know that investing in China should be part of their portfolio via our in-house and private events.

How much do you say? There isn't a definitive answer to that because clients have different needs. I do have clients with 100% in China because they start small or large (😊 ). But generally, I say put about 2-10% of your portfolio in China while you keep the rest in regional and global funds and other core funds.

I have personally seen my own portfolio rise Year-To-Date as the Asian markets and China rises. My own team have been busy since our last discussion in Oct investing our own and clients’ portfolios into China and have been reaping the benefits as our own China funds have risen 22% since Nov 2022. It's always comforting to view my portfolio every month. I have seen ups and downs but ultimately it has always been on an uptrend over the years even though it has not been a straight line up. Welcome to the exciting world of investing.

Feel free to PM or Call us for a safe and judgment-free space to discuss your money matters. If you're interested in exploring further, FinAIMS would be delighted to explain our fund selection choices to help you make an informed decision. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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