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A New Way Of Making Money Or A Scam

Just yesterday, one of my teammates Genie highlighted an interesting website which uses “CNN Money” to feature an endeavor that Tan Sri Vincent Tan was purportedly to have given half his wealth to build. This endeavor is a trading platform where people needn’t any financial or technical skills to trade on the stock market as its all done via an excellent programme so that the trader can earn some decent money after a time so that the rich will not continuously remain rich.  I must admit, that was a great gambit. Who wouldn’t appreciate the Robin Hood like way to redistribute wealth especially when Asia markets takes a temporary tumble as markets are wont to do.

There were gleaming pictures of those who had only put in USD250 and had taken home USD 3000 -4000 after a week or a month. Ooh most promising, that I decided to register as an interested participant. Right after I had submitted all my details, I had a phone call from a Singapore number from a man who sounded like a Filipino. He was awfully persuasive as he articulated all the wonderful features of this new revolutionary trading platform. Incidentally, all this was done while I was finishing up my morning routine after breakfast. I was to be introduced to his senior account manager with 10 years’ experience in the financial markets.  By then I was swooning with absolute delight that I am going to make so much money. Perhaps I can put in USD1000 and quadruple my profits!

Alas my bubble burst as one of my other teammates Gene insisted that it’s a scam because of these reasons:

  • Website was not legit- this means it wasn’t CNN Money as CNN money had a different website address

  • When something is given for free, and promises a lot of returns, one should have alarm bells ringing in the head

  • There is a big wig featured to have more credibility

Remember, when something is too good to be true, it most likely is. Check with Bank Negara for your own safety and better yet, speak to your professional Financial Advisor.

Act Today, Own Tomorrow!

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